Portugal Weather and the Best Time to Visit

Portugal is a beautiful country with a lot to offer visitors. The climate is mild, the food is delicious, and the people are friendly. There are endless opportunities for exploration, whether you’re interested in history, culture, or nature. With so much to see and do, it can be hard to decide when to visit Portugal. However, there are a few things to consider that can help you narrow down the best time of year for your trip based on Portugal weather.

Portugal Weather

Many of the country’s attractions are outdoors, so no doubt you might be looking to the Portugal weather to decide when to visit. The climate in Portugal is Mediterranean, which means that it has mild winters and warm summers. The average temperature in Portugal is around 18-25 degrees Celsius.

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The best time to visit Portugal for some good weather is from May to October. These months are usually the driest, with the least amount of rainfall. June, July and August are typically the hottest months, so if you’re looking to catch some rays then these are the ideal times to visit however, keep in mind it is also high season.

If you want to avoid the crowds however, September and October can be a great time to visit as there are fewer tourists around during these shoulder seasons but the weather remains warm and sunny for the most part.

Spring in Portugal

March to May

Spring is one of the best times to visit Portugal. The weather is mild, with average temperatures ranging from 18-22 degrees Celsius. The days are longer, and the scenery is breathtaking as the country comes to life after a long winter.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy in Portugal during springtime. Hiking and biking are popular pastimes since the days are not too hot yet, and the flowers in bloom make for a beautiful backdrop.

This is a great time to visit the natural parks in the country like Geres National Park in the north of Portugal or Arrábida Natural Park near Setubal. As well as popular tourist attractions like Pena Palace in Sintra or Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon which tend to get very busy during the summer months.

For those who prefer to relax, there are plenty of spas and beaches to enjoy around the country. Portugal is also home to some of the best wine in the world, making it the perfect place to enjoy a glass or two while taking in the stunning scenery in the Douro Valley in spring.

Summer in Portugal

Between June and mid-September

Portugal is a renowned summer destination, drawing visitors from all over the world. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy all that Portugal has to offer, from its stunning beaches to its delicious food. The average temperature during the summer months is around 25 degrees Celsius but can go up to over 30 degrees Celsius.

There are plenty of things to do in Portugal during the summer. The Algarve coast is without a doubt the most popular place to visit during this time because of the plethora of stunning beaches there. Visit Quinta do Lago Beach, Dona Ana Beach or do the Seven Hanging Valleys Walk. If you visit Central or Northern Portugal there are many beaches along the Silver Coast or in land along the river.

This is the perfect time of year to enjoy all things water sports. Whether that is surfing, body boarding, kayaking or going sailing or on a river cruise.

This is the perfect time to visit to enjoy delicious Portuguese seafood by the beach. Al Fresco dining is the thing to do in Portugal. Try Sardinhas assadas, Polvo à Lagareiro, Arroz de Marisco and other Portugese delicacies. Althought note that it not one of the most vegetarian friendly destinations in the world.

However, keep in mind it can be extremely hot in the cobblestoned cities during the summer months. Therefore most people prefer to enjoy lazy days on the beach or exploring the stunning coastline rather sightseeing in this cities this time of year. It is also the most expensive time to book.

Fall in Portugal

September to November

The weather in Portugal starts to cool down in September as the summer comes to an end. This is a great time of year to enjoy all that Portugal has to offer without the crowds and high prices of summer. The average temperature is still around 20 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for exploring the country.

There are plenty of things to do in Portugal during fall. One of the most popular activities is wine-tasting in the Douro Valley. This is the perfect time of year to visit as the grapes are being harvested and the views are stunning with all the different colours of leaves on the vines.

If you’re looking for somewhere less crowded than usual, then this is also a good time to visit popular tourist spots like Lisbon and Porto, or other lesser-known historical towns like Obidos, Nazare, Tavira or Braga.

The Sintra region is a great place to stop for visiting the Palace of Pena, exploring the Castle of the Moors, and hiking through the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. Nearby is a host of beautiful beaches which are great like ‎Praia Grande, Praia da Adraga and the iconic Colares lookout.

This is a good try to come to enjoy balmy weather and lesser prices and fewer crows than in the summer months. You may have a few days of rainfall but not as many as in the winter months.

Winter in Portugal

December to February

Although winter is technically the off-season in Portugal, it is still a great time of year to visit. The weather is cooler than the other seasons, with an average temperature of around 15 degrees Celsius and high rainfall. However, there is still plenty to do around the country.

One of the best things to do in Portugal during winter is to go skiing in the Serra da Estrela mountains. This is the only place in Portugal where you can go skiing and it’s a great way to experience the stunning scenery of the country.

If you’re not a fan of the cold or if the rainfall is too much for outdoor activities, then you can still enjoy all that Portugal has to offer by visiting one of its many museums or art galleries. Lisbon and Porto are both great cities to visit in winter as they have a lot to offer in terms of culture and history.

The Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, National Title Museusm and Fado Musesum are of particular note in Lisbon. In Braga, visit the Biscainhos Museum or the icnocin bookstore the Livraria Lello in Porto.

So whether you’re looking for some good weather or hoping to avoid the crowds, you’ll find the perfect time of year to visit Portugal! But ultimately, there is no wrong time to visit Portugal – it’s a beautiful country that has something to offer visitors all year round.

What is the best month to visit Portugal?

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